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As one of Switzerland’s leading Tantra and Psycho-sexology therapists, Amy guides individuals and couples to develop a truly fulfilled intimate life

Amy De Baene | Switzerland’s Most Trusted Sensual Expansion Architect

“I have given over 10’000 hours of Tantra therapy to men and women to help them experience magic in their body.Through a combination of Tantra Sessions, Therapeutic Consultation and Personal Development Coaching, I help people achieve this divine power from within.”

Ten Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Now For More Fulfillment In Your Intimate And Sex Live

Tantra helps you connect with yourself and others

Through Tantra you become conscious that you are a divine being with wisdom and abilities. The moment you experience this connection, it teaches you to honor yourself and helps you embrace the highest level of self-esteem.Tantra lets you see the divinity within yourself for you to see it in other people. It makes you experience relationships on another level. It also provides the tools for couples and singles who seek a significant personal way of relating one to each other.Most importantly, it teaches you how to durably maintain love and passion within your relationship.

Through Tantra you become intimate with your body

Having worked with thousands of men and women, I’m often surprised at how little even self-aware men and women know about their intimacy.In Tantra, your body is seen as your temple, the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Through touch, every single cell in your body is energized. You feel them all get to know your body.Appreciation of your body and understanding the secrets of your own intimacy will inspire you to keep your body healthy and fit for your journey toward new levels of awareness and pleasure.

Tantra strengthens your Masculine or Feminine essence alike

While practicing Tantra you recognise the God or the Goddess in yourself. This relates not to “being superior” but it refers to your main basic energy, your inner force and power.Every woman is a goddess. She is a lover, seductress, healer, creator and nurturing mother, as well as a hunter and wild woman. A woman will learn to reveal and embrace all these parts and be honored for it.Likewise, every man is a god, the embodiment of many roles, including being a provider, protector, and a symbol of power; as well as being nurturing, healing, and surrendering. A man learns to embrace all these parts through Tantra and be honored for it.

Tantra is about honoring, respecting, and healing yourself and the other. As you connect to what is divine in you, you become more conscious about yourself and will evolve for the better. The more you practice, the higher the level of consciousness, and the more refined you become.

I want to send my candidature and have an information session

Men and women; we both need sensual experiences because they nurture us. Sensuality makes us feel alive and happy. It is about our physical connection with our body and with what surrounds us. Dancing on the “Billy Jean”, consciously breathing, listening to “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” life, enjoying magnificent sceneries in the Swiss Alps, floating in the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, contemplating the Niagara Waterfalls, savouring a piece of fine chocolate, or gazing in a child’s eyes… it all provides us a feeling of expansion within our being and allows us to move into a higher level of existence if we consciously take the time to live it.But most essential for our well–being is touching and being touched in a careful loving way.By exploring our sensuality consciously we are using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, intimacy, empathy and love. No matter how much we achieved in life, we all need to love and to feel loved. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing and stimulating each other is a great way to keep the feeling of love actively alive.

Today, most of the time I feel really well in my body, connected to my inner power and I have a sense of purpose. I learned to allow myself to have pleasure. I dear to open myself, to be sensual and to be vulnerable. Therefore I enjoy a high quality loving relationship and I can easily connect on a deeper level with other people. And I can honestly say that having high quality connections and being able to contribute are the two masterpieces of my happy life.

It wasn’t always like that: As a child in a challenging family situation growing up with abusive relationships, intimacy or sexuality were never my favourite subjects. My intimacy had been taken for granted. I was manipulated. On top of that, I was wrongly judged. I shut completely down. I got marked with feelings of guilt and shame about my body, about myself and my desires.

All I ever wanted was to get out of that situation. As a teenager and young adult I consistently escaped my emotions. I focussed on accomplishing things, getting educated, creating a decent career and becoming successful. Although I became an architect and got married, I was depressed and de-connected. I was not able to establish quality intimate relation- ships in my young adult life as I was looking for love and appreciation outside myself.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Now For More Fulfillment In Your Intimate And Sex Live

We Need Sexual Experiences because sexual energy is a universal fuel for life, nourishing body, spirit & soul. Besides natural food and exercise, nothing will improve more your health in a natural way.

We all need to love and to feel loved. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing and stimulating each other is a great way to keep the feeling of love actively alive.

By consciously entering our interior and becoming aware of our sensations, emotions and thoughts, we open ourselves for refinement. And becoming refined is becoming divine.