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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a life style, an art, a science, a spiritual path of expansion. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means to weave, to transform poison into nectar. It embraces all aspects of life, integrating love, sexuality & spirituality. The aim to expand consciousness. By consciously entering our interior and becoming aware of our sensations, emotions and thoughts, we open ourselves for refinement. And becoming refined is becoming divine. Everybody has this potential, that’s why in Tantra the whole person is accepted as divine.

What are Tantra and Sensual Massages?

Tantra massages and Sensual massages are the type of massages that awaken and use sensual and sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Specific sensual touches are used to awaken a dormant energy field within the body. When awakened, this energy field procures an ecstatic experience and allows trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body.It is an extremely powerful intimate and serene healing method that revitalises, calms the mind, opens the heart and opens the door to spirituality and divine sexuality.

You have a Burning Desire?

To be touched at the deepest level but are you afraid to open yourself and be vulnerable?For your life to be juicy? Do you want to connect?

Learn how to get connected at the deepest level and enjoy more trust, erotic playfulness and joy!

Ten Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Now For More Fulfillment In Your Intimate And Sex Live

Why are we stuck?

Most people are too busy living decent and stressed lives. As a result they don’t really connect on a deeper level. Not with themselves, nor with the other and as a result they experience a lack of loving and feeling loved. And living a life with no or a low quality of intimate relationships is the number 1 cause of illness and depression. I know it because I have been living like this up to the age of 33. I’m 42 now. Read more about me on the top of this page.We live in a result driven society with lack of education on developing a rich intimate life: self- love, intimacy, relationships and sexuality.People today are struggling with the concept of self-love and they have new expectations towards relationships. Today we wish to be in a relationship in order to be connected on a deeper level.

We want intimate connection for fulfillment.On top of that, intimacy and sex are subjects which cannot be discussed socially at the dining table because they’re taboo. It bothers people. They feel uncomfortable with it.At the other hand, intimacy and sexuality are the number 1 motivation in our lives, on an unconscious or a conscious level. Intimacy, sensuality and sexuality are what make our lives juicy and worth living for.Almost everybody is looking for solutions to these issues. Friendship can and does meet needs for intimacy. But the scope and the depth of friendship is necessarily limited. An intimate sexual relation is what can give the highest level of fulfillment.

Why We Need Intimacy…

Men and women; kids, adults, seniors, we all need intimacy. Intimacy is emotional connection, not physical. The best lovers first build intimacy before getting physical.The best motivational speakers or the best leaders know exactly how to establish intimacy with their audience before getting their message out.We all need intimacy because the feeling of being connected nurtures us.

  • Parents that lack the ability to establish intimacy with their children have difficulties to positively influence them.
  • Relationships started only on physical connection are doomed to fail end up being a low quality relationship in which partners feel very unsure.
  • Today, the divorce rate is close to 50%. The number one reason for divorce and adultery is the lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship.

Intimacy involves being able to:

  • Being authentic
  • Sharing the whole range of feelings and experiences: pain and sadness, as well as happiness and love.

It’s a cliché, but self-consciousness and self-love are absolutely essential to create high quality intimate relationships. We need to love and understand ourselves in order to understand another person, in order to love and support the other.Opening yourself, practicing self-love and creating intimacy is not always easy.

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Why We Need Sensuality…

Men and women; we both need sensual experiences because they nurture us. Sensuality makes us feel alive and happy. It is about our physical connection with our body and with what surrounds us. Dancing on the “Billy Jean”, consciously breathing, listening to “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” life, enjoying magnificent sceneries in the Swiss Alps, floating in the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, contemplating the Niagara Waterfalls, savouring a piece of fine chocolate, or gazing in a child’s eyes… it all provides us a feeling of expansion within our being and allows us to move into a higher level of existence if we consciously take the time to live it.But most essential for our well-being is touching and being touched in a careful loving way.

By exploring our sensuality consciously, we are using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, intimacy, empathy and love. No matter how much we achieved in life, we all need to love and to feel loved. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing and stimulating each other is a great way to keep the feeling of love actively alive.Sensuality does not equal sex, but sensuality leads to more intense, more fulfilling and better sex. Being sensual is about being really there, in the moment, enjoying one another fully. It’s about taking the time to touch and to kiss. The point isn’t just to have sex, but rather to feel real sensual joy.Opening yourself to sensuality is not always easy but it’s always worth it!

Why We Need Sexual Experiences…

Sexual energy is a universal fuel for life, nourishing body, spirit & soul. Besides natural food and exercise, nothing will improve more your health in a natural way.

  • Sexual energy is the most powerful healing, regenerating power.
  • Sexual energy is inspiring and enhances creativity.
  • Sexuality is intimately woven into our mental health.

Napoleon Hill, American author, dedicated his life studying the most successful people of human history and describes their success secrets in his best-selling book of all times “Think and Grow Rich”, published in 1937 and still accurate. The 10th secret is “The mystery of sex transmutation”.The emotion of sex has back of it the possibility of three constructive potentialities, they are:

  1. The perpetuation of mankind.
  2. The maintenance of health, (as a therapeutic agency, it has no equal).
  3. The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.

Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires.

When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power, to be sure, but the reward is worth the effort. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, it will seek outlets through purely physical channels…Scientific research has disclosed these significant facts:

  1. The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures; men who have learned the art of sex transmutation.
  2. The men who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture, and the professions, were motivated by the influence of a woman.

Sex is incredibly powerful. Some people just try to release themselves, others are looking for physical pleasure and others are looking for intimacy. In Sacred Sex, the physical experience is taken to a whole other level. It’s what every human being is deep down longing for: the combination of a profound intimate connection, sensual pleasure, great sex and a sense of spiritual connection. Deepest fulfilment is felt when divine femininity connects with divine masculinity

What is the Cost if We Don’t Take Our Intimate Lives to A Higher Level…

  • Life Confusion. Loneliness. Hurt. Feeling misunderstood.
  • Lack of feeling love
  • Heightened levels of stress
  • Low self confidence
  • Psychological problems that lead to physical manifestations.
  • Couples living together as brother and sister or as complete strangers. Or worse, in great unhappiness.

The lack of intimacy is the number 1 reason for adultery of men and of women!

Don’t let it be your story, get empowered, get connected, be sensual, be free…Take Action Now and Enjoy Your Journey!

Ten Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Now For More Fulfillment In Your Intimate And Sex Live

Practicing Tantra also heals you from the inside out

No less important, Tantra is the best anti-ageing practice ever

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