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Become A Practitioner


Become a certified Fulfilling Intimacy Coach/Practitioner

Are you ready to step into the life awaiting you as a professional intimacy coach?

= be Tantra coach + Sex Coach + Relationship Coach + !!

  1. Develop the ability to help clients change on a deeper level and
  2. Help your clients achieve transformational breakthroughs
  3. Empower your clients by making them experience magical Tantra – body therapy sessions
  4. Get the methods that have proven success
  5. Learn business develop strategies that work in this industry.
  6. Be guided from A-Z in setting up your successful business

For whom is the Mentorship designed?

  • Persons with background in therapy, massage, nursing, ..
  • Man or woman
  • Your major qualities are:
      • Deeply care about people
      • High personal standards and ambitions.

    Emotional intelligence

    • Humble, open, nurturing and grateful to the world.
    • View coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline.
    • Walking the talk and modeling a good life for your clients.
    • Speak and write (fluently) French or English or both

This is an intensive 2-year mentorship program in which you will:

  • Go through a profound personal development
  • Be privately trained to be to be one of the world bests Tantra therapist
  • Learn and use 21st century scientifically proven methods that work to improve relational and sexual intimate life of your clients
  • Develop your own business and start making money!

Are you hungry to become a highly sought-after intimacy coach?

Candidates are selected and will be invited to get clear if this is a “GOOD –FIT” for both of us.

I want to send my candidature and have an information session

Practicing Tantra also heals you from the inside out

No less important, Tantra is the best anti-ageing practice ever