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Workshop for Harmony in Intimate Life for Women/ Men/ Couple 2h30

  • Even though we’re not conscious about it, most of us have an intimacy blockage in our body as a consequence of a past unpleasant experience. This could have been a light emotional pain but can go to serious levels of feelings of abandonment, rejection, injustice, humiliation or betrayal
  • During this workshop you:
    • Discover your emotional patterns
    • Identify your main intimacy blockage
    • Receive a deep healing energy
    • Get clarity on how to manifest what you really want
    • Receive a 2-week program to continue the work at home home

Tantra Massage Joy for Men / for Women – Yoni or Lingam massage included

GUARANTEE: If during the first 15 minutes of your session you don’t feel like getting the best massage you ever had, simply let me know. We stop and I give your money back. No questions asked.

After a welcome ritual, my hands investigate your body with warm oil and a mature touch. Slow and fast movements are altered. Your body is wrapped in depth in its totality. Your lingam or yoni (the masculine or the feminine sex organ) and the most sensitive zones are subtly caressed, what gives you unforgettable sensations. You are really considered as a whole being. Discover a new subtle Sensuality!The applied techniques of massage are a form of powerful communication between adults.

The massage stimulates sexual energy and is a celebration of your own Sensuality.

30 min: CHF 250, 60 min : CHF 350.-

Tantra Ritual for Men / for Women

  • After a welcome ritual and a Tantra Massage Joy as an introduction, a dialogue of bodies begins.
  • When skin sensually touches skin, every second becomes a moment of ecstasy. You travel between excitement, relaxation, silence and movement.
  • All your energies are stimulated, including your Kundalini. This is an intense energy, coiled as a snake at the level of the sacrum. This energy is divine. Once awakened it leads you to the highest level of self-awareness.
  • All your body cells will vibrate on a higher level, that ‘s being in ecstasy.
  • Be aware that the quality of your massage largely depends on your capacity to abandon and to trust. These two ingredients combined will allow you to go through an outstanding experience!
  • The sessions take place in absolute nudity both for the receiver and for the donor. You are stimulated by body-to-body and by hands- caresses.
  • It is a way helping the body to release itself from its shells, the heart to be open and confident, and the spirit to develop capacities, as visualization, imagination and meditation. When this integration is made, you are ready for a new life experiences, qualitatively richer, in which the physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit

9O min: CHF 550,-

GUARANTEE: If during the first 15 minutes of your session you don’t feel like getting the best massage you ever had, simply let me know. We stop and I give your money back. No questions asked.

Tantra Ritual for Couples

GUARANTEE: If during the first 15 minutes of your session you don’t feel like getting the best massage you ever had, simply let me know. We stop and I give your money back. No questions asked.

  • After a welcome ritual, a Tantra Massage is alternately given to each one of you by the practitioner in cooperation with the other partner. You will both be once receiver.
  • You travel together between excitement, relaxation, silence and movement. Once the massages received, you will both be fully aroused and wanting to share a moment of great intimacy.
  • I withdraw and let you enjoy each other abundantly in order to experience ecstasy.
  • Tantra Ritual for couples offers lovers a method to open a door to love making with sensitivity, respect and joy for both. It gives you and your partner, the gift of quality time to explore, to heal, to open up and transform your relationship. It supports you to discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy.

90 min Massage + 90 min Partner Sharing: CHF 800.-

Spa Journey

  • I take you to a Spa where we can enjoy the use of the hammam, jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool during 2 hours.
  • I accompany you to administer you services like a scrub in the hammam to remove all your dead skin.
  • By adding essential oil of eucalyptus in the sauna, your respiratory system is strengthened. The extreme heat in combination with your breathing, procures a profound cleaning of your skin. Your body feels lighter and cleaner. Your blood circulation is accelerated because of the heat, what softens your muscles and gives you a relaxed feeling. A cold shower and an ice bath are waiting for you … Greatness !!!
  • The pleasant sensations make you travel back in time, where responsibilities did not existed yet. You feel absolutely free.
  • Following the journey at the spa, you receive a Tantra Ritual.
  • After this enlightening time, you will feel like a newborn, armed with pure energy in abundance and shining interior joy.

120 min Spa + 90 min Tantra Ritual: CHF 900.-

My Contribution to You

  • I approach you as a whole person with your needs for security, respect & relaxation.
  • For the bodywork, you are invited in a learning environment for a transformational experience in which you are free to express your sensuality. You’ll get in contact with YOUR body and YOUR feelings. You will ENJOY. You will grow.
  • High quality skills, knowledge and over 10’000 hours of experience assured.
  • High quality standards assured in hygiene, ambience and quality organic organic products.

What Is Expected From You

  • For the bodywork, I ask you from you an irreproachable hygiene.
  • It is necessary to be freshly showered in order to start the treatment. You have the possibility to take a shower here.
  • In order to work in a serene atmosphere, reservations are taken at least 24 h in advance what gives you the time for mental preparation.
  • Take this seriously. Tantra Experiences deepen you awareness and activate spiritual healing.
  • Be committed to your own growth and open up. No change ever takes place if you continue doing the same things. Einstein defined insanity the following way: Keep on doing the same things and expecting another result. If you want a change, you need to commit to do what ever it takes!

Your Benefits

Sensual experiences like those proposed help us re-connecting with our inner self. Because of the stimulation of erotic energy in the body we are connected to our natural sensual core. The more connected and confident we are, the more attractive we become to the other sex.Sensual experiences delight our senses. Vital energy and imagination are stimulated. If done well, they give us a cell vibration of a higher frequency, raising creativity and feelings of ecstasy. We feel inspired and motivated because it increases the oxytocin-level in the body, the confidence hormone that is involved with feelings of affection and bonding. Regular massage leads to an improved immune function and better general health.Tantra massage can alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt.

The joy created by the experience coming from the inside out is so natural, that it helps to raise consciousness. It helps us to become more fulfilled and personally empowered.

By experiencing Tantra massages we learn to receive serenely. This inspires us to give in a nurturing way both for our partner and for ourselves. The intimate erotic exchanges with our partner will become shared moments of ecstasy. Our sexual life develops itself marvellously.If you are a single now, you can attract a new partner who is at the same wavelength of your new aspirations.

Tantra massage stimulates spirituality and can awaken parts of us that have remained repressed during our development.

Sensual experiences are healthy as well as sexy, and the physical effects are part of the experience. Sensual/Tantra Massage and Tantra Ritual all boost blood flow all across the body.

The levels of cortisol, the “stress -hormone”, public enemy n°1 these days, is remarkably reduced.

How to choose the right Tantra Therapist

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you’ve made a decision, you will take your sensual experiences to the next level and benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually.It is important to know that these days the word Tantra is sadly often used for marketing objectives only. With so many seeming variations of Tantra services proposed; you can get confused. I often hear clients say they’ve tried several other addresses in the area but the experience is never as authentic.

So take your time for choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist that is right for you, if you are looking for something more then just a massage. You want to be nurtured in order to deeply connect with yourself and open up all the possibilities for evolution and growth in consciousness.

CRITERIA #1: Experience – Reputation

Choose a professional Tantra therapist who has a solid, professional reputation to give you or to teach you and your partner the correct way to perform Tantra massage to fully experience the benefits of this ancient healing art.

CRITERIA #2: Confidence

Talk to the person before you ever take the decision to receive massage, teachings or coaching. You immediately feel, hear or see the persons’ energy and intention. What do you experience? Do you connect with that person? If you don’t feel immediately at ease, forget it. Tantra is very intimate and you should absolutely get a therapist you feel comfortable with. Other wise you’ll never be able to open up completely, and benefit from the experience.

Tantra is about creating the deepest connections possible with yourself, the other, the world and life. If you open up, your body will vibrate sexual energy and you’ll feel continuing pleasurable sensations throughout the whole body, even days after reception of the Tantra Rituel.

CRITERIA #3: Promise – Guarantee

What is the therapist promising you? Are there any guarantees?Your therapist should be a connection focused person – connection focused contrary to achievement focused. There is no good or wrong in any focus but each has it’s benefits. If you fly to New York, you want the pilot of the plane to be more achievement focused then connection focused but when looking for a therapist, teacher or coach in Tantra, intimacy and relationships you definitely need a connection focused person.I know it is possible that even if you feel connection with someone, the first minute that person starts to massage you, you can be very disappointed: it’s just not exactly the touch you like.You can give a hint: “ I like it more x or y” but let’s be honest, don’t you want it to be perfect without you having to explain it? That’s the reason I ALWAYS give this GUARANTEE to new clients/ students:

GUARANTEE: If during the first 15 minutes of your session you don’t feel like getting the best massage you ever had, simply let me know. We stop and I give your money back. No questions asked.

Make a Reservation

♥ Workshop for Harmony in Intimate Life 150 min + 2 week program | CHF

  1. Healing Chakra Session: 90 min | CHF 350,-
  2. Tantra Massage Joy: 30 min / 60 min | CHF 250,- / CHF 350,-
  3. Tantra Ritual: 90 min | CHF 550,-
  4. Tantra Ritual for Couple: 90 min + 90 min | CHF 800,-
  5. Spa + Tantra Ritual: 90 min + 90 min | CHF 900,-


In order to work in a serene atmosphere, reservations are taken at least 24 h in advance what gives you the time for mental preparation.I take reservations from Monday till Friday between 11h00 and 18h00. If for some reason you can only make it in the evening or during the weekend, let me know and I’ll try to find a solution.


Call me now: +41 (0) 79 442 19 79 and reserve your treatment or coaching session. I can be very busy and can’t always answer my phone. Please leave your name and telephone number if you want me to call you.I do not accept reservations from persons calling me with a hidden number.


Route de la Moubra, 3963 Crans-Montana, Switzerland. I give you all the details when you make a reservation.


If for any reason you can’t make it, please be respectful and let me know at least 8 h in advance. Don’t be irresponsible by making a reservation and not showing up. You just emit negative vibration putting a shade on your own life.

Take Action Now and Enjoy Your Journey!

Amy De Baene

Dedicated to Offer Transformational Education & Experiences for Sensual, Healthy & Empowered living.

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