Sensual Secrets For Living

WORKSHOPS Exclusively for Women

Hungry for Intimacy and Connection?
This 2h30 workshop for female audience with Amy De Baene will give you the keys to Unleash your Feminine Sensual Power…
We hold workshops in Switzerland and in Belgium in English, French and Dutch.

Learn how to deepen connection, trust and increase erotic playfulness!

Why would you attend?

According to the Global Better Sex Survey, conducted in 27 countries in 2002, sexual dissatisfaction is global. We are all starving for more and real intimacy. And yet the moral codes of our civilization limit public discussion about sexuality. No wonder so many frustration, loneliness and abuse are part of our reality.People think experiencing happiness and fulfilment in an intimate relationship is for the lucky ones, but it is actually a teachable skill. If you just understand, learn and practice the necessary skills you can experience profound connection, trust, empowerment, sexual playfulness and joy with your partner on a daily basis or attract the right partner to do so.
If not, experiencing a lack of intimacy and or sexual frustration engender horrible consequences. Child abuse is just one of them. I believe every single one of us should take his or her responsibility to understand, to heal, protect and nourish our intimacy and our sexuality in order to experience profound connection, vital health and abundance in life.By attending this seminar, you will discover the connections between health, sexual vitality, neurochemistry, and relationship harmony, based on scientific research, positive psychology and spiritual traditions and get yourself ready to experience a fulfilling intimate life.


  1. Meditation to open your heart, even with past painful experiences
  2. The difference between normal sex and sacred or conscious sex
  3. The power virtues of intimate sexuality for health and fulfilment in life
  4. Tips and Practices for increasing connection, awakening desire and maximize satisfaction

Ten Reasons Why You Should Experience Tantra Now For More Fulfillment In Your Intimate And Sex Live

Practicing Tantra also heals you from the inside out

No less important, Tantra is the best anti-ageing practice ever